MES is a pioneer in SAP education now introduces its candidate to the revolutionary technology HANA, all candidates undergoing training on any core modules like (ABAP,SD,MM,PP,FI,HR) will now have the opportunity to get trained on SAP HANA and appear for SAP certification exams thereby not only earning a certificate in their core module but also SAP HANA.

Mahatma Education Society along with SAP India and Queensland University, Australia have partnered together to deliver quality SAP education at Pillai College. With the changing demands of the industry for ready to deploy candidates, MES will now be offering the globally acclaimed and accepted SAP certification to its students leading to better understanding and knowledge of SAP solutions & business process, ability to harness the power of SAP software for customers, adding valuable knowledge in specific areas, access the same curriculum that one would at a SAP academy.

Why SAP?

The inception of SAP was as small software with the backing of just one customer in Germany by a set of visionary entrepreneurs in 1972. They started it with the vision of the software that can process data when a user wants, when a customer wants and not in overnight batch jobs like earlier software.

After 42 years of stellar existence as the leading global provider of enterprise application software, SAP provides products and services to more than 282,000 customer in 190 countries. Nine out of ten Fortune-500 companies have already implemented SAP, making it the choice of the leaders. And, there are yet other thousands of to-be Fortune-500 companies gearing up to be a part of this SAP revolution.

Backed by the strong growth trends in revenue contributions from innovations such as HANA, global acquisitions in the areas of database, mobility and cloud computing, and the rising demand for software licenses from small and medium sized companies, SAP has set its eyes on the following targets for 2015.

1. Achieve over € 20 billion in revenues

2. Reach 1 billion people


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